At Elephant and the Dove Art Therapy we believe that to find balance in our lives we must learn how to bring our heart and mind into harmony with each other. It is important to become aware of our emotions and our thoughts so that we can learn to take responsibility for our responses and choices in a conscious way. Creative expression through art therapy supports us in becoming mindful of how we feel and what we are thinking. Our art becomes a mirror and we can view what is going on in our lives from a different perspective. With our expanded awareness, we can work towards finding more mental and emotional balance. 

We work with people of all ages to teach tools and techniques that increase personal awareness and encourage full expression. We are trained in a variety of other counselling areas which allows us to work with individuals to help them discover the method of expression that feels most comfortable. 

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Ellis House Community Arts Centre 116 Milne St, Bayswater Western Australia 6053 Phone 0425 215 328