Hi. I’m Tash, and welcome to Standing Strong Bayswater. I have been involved in Standing Strong for a number of years now as an Instructor and a Mentor, in fact, I completed my practical placement for my Art Therapy degree at Standing Strong Head Office. I hold a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), a Graduate Certificate in Children’s Art, Cert IV in Training and Assessment and an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy. Through this I acquired the knowledge needed to understand the nuances of people as well as provide me with strong investigative and analytical skills. I have a strong empathy and commitment to helping people from all walks of life. I possess the ability to provide a trusting, open, kind-hearted atmosphere that encourages learning and participation. Due to the nature of my previous work environments and studies, I can deal with difficult, perhaps painful and embarrassing situations and this I do in a calm and respectful manner. 

My passion lies with empowering young people to be who they want to be. I am presently enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Sexology at Curtin University. I have a strong passion for working as an Art Therapist with those young people in the LGBTI community or who might be struggling with their sexual or gender identity. I am also the mother of two teenage girls on the Autism Spectrum.


Meet Jess! Jess is our Strong Teens instructor. Jess is a qualified youth worker specialising in mental health and well-being. She is passionate about empowering girls to be the best versions of themselves. You will always find Jess with a cup of tea in hand and ready for a good chat.


Louise is a Coach, Author, Speaker, a fully certified NLP Practitioner (with a Diploma in Life Coaching – ICF & ABNLP recognised) and a mother. She is extremely passionate about Personal Development and making a positive contribution to young people’s lives.

Louise has vast experience in facilitating workshops, one-on-one coaching, training and mentoring young women and sharing tools and techniques to create positive, lasting outcomes in young people’s lives.

Louise’s vision is to inspire and empower people to skilfully handle all the challenging situations that can arise throughout everyday life with integrity, self-compassion, inner strength and love.

“It is such an honour to be part of conversations with the incredible girls at Standing Strong, in a place where they feel safe and supported, discussing ways to build self esteem, self love, build confidence, learn to think big, speak up, be motivated, feel inspired and inspiring, and leave feeling EMPOWERED. It is a privilege to see their confidence start to blossom, hear their visions for the future; and join in on the laughs, fun and connection that is all a part of what makes Standing Strong such a magical place. 


Meet Amelia! Amelia is our Strong Female Teens mentor. Amelia is currently studying Art Psychotherapy at University. She is passionate about youth mental health and well-being, embracing individuality, equality, and empowering others. Amelia loves to chat, create art and dance!


Meet Bree!
Bree is a qualified counsellor and mediator who is currently working as an upper primary school teacher. With a 9-year-old son and a tween daughter, Bree knows first hand the challenges that young people face today. She believes deeply in the power of kindness and is passionate about empowering tweens and teens to embrace their “uniqueness”. You will usually find Bree on her yoga mat, or deep in a book and she is always up for a chat.


Meet Daniello!
Inspired by ageless wisdom, human evolution and spiritual intelligence. I am a dedicated father, coach, mentor and teacher whose colourful, positively charged perspective can illuminate the bleakest of nebulas, and re-wire redundant patterns that withhold mental and spiritual freedom.

My holistic approach to transformative personal guidance has been developed from over 10 years of study and practice. I consult using energetic-psychological practices such as Raja Yoga, and PSYCH-K® to work through overwhelm, uncertainty, major change, transition, and inner growth.

I am a subject matter expert in specialties of mindset performance, higher awareness, leadership development, right human relations, emotional balance and stress management.

I dedicate to a lifelong education on the art and science of evolving consciousness for humanity and sharing the qualities that will govern the new age; assisting team leaders, individuals and organisations through expansions of well-being.